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Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
y el salvador, el autoproclamad o alguacil mas estricto de estados unidos, joe arpaio, logro su sexto periodo consecutivo de reeleccion en el condado maricopa, arizona, tras vencer abrumadoramente a sus dos contrincantes.y mas de 700 personas recibieron hoy un desayuno gratis en uno de los lugares favoritos del presidente obama en chicago, para celebrar su victoria de ayer.mas esta tarde <>>y continuamos nuestro programa con el azote de la madre naturaleza que se ha ensañado con parte del país >>así es, ya nieva en nueva york, pasamos contigo jacky >>así es, ni tan siquiera nos recuperamos de sandy, cuando ya tenemos que enfrentar otra tormenta. a las 7am, se sentian vientos a 30 millas por hora, tenemos actividad de nieve, pudiera depositar hasta 4 pulgadas, condiciónes bien complicadas porque muchos estan sin electricidad. estaremos lidiando con este frente hasta mañana por la noche. >>en tennesse actividad de precipitación sobre las carolinas, condiciónes secas en el centro del país. pero por aquí vemos precipitación y precipitación blanca. tenemos avisos y alerta
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
), renuncia tras adminir una relacion extramarital. esto y mas a las seis..los todos sabemos que el perro es el mejor amigo del hombre, pero que pensaria cuando es un ave que no se aparta de su lado, vamos a el salvador a conocer una linda periquita >>panchita es una linda periquita muy inteligente, cuentan que hace unos años atrás cientos de pericos iban volando y quiza ella iba enferma o cansada y no pudo seguir más >>ella cayo muerta en la cancha, muerta, me la lleve en al mercado, le puse agua y revivió >>a partir de entonces esta periquita se quedo con don inocente, pese a que él la dejo libre. >>le dije andate, andate y voló. hizo el intento y la llame luego. a la segunda vez que lo hice, se vino >>don inocente trabaja en la alcaldia, hasta ahí llega panchita todas la mañnaas, en el pueblo hasta la policía la conocen. >>en la alcaldia también la admiran, >>si viene a la alcaldia ella lo espera fuera, hasta que él sale >>eso si, tiene un genio endiablado y siempre esta lista para defendera su amo >>el amo es el único que puede tocarla >>y si alguien del sexo opuesto se le a
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> born in el salvador, she was brought here when she was 10 by her parents. she is now eligible for aid to win in state college. those applying have to have attended a maryland high school for three years, gone to community college, and prove their parents have paid in state taxes. they can now turn to the university of maryland -- he can now turn to the university of maryland to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. >> finally i will be able to feel equal. i will be able to feel like a marylanders. >> the issue passed on the ballot with 58 percent of the vote. >> they are in my mind americans. they have a lot to contribute to our society. >> they should be able to legally stay in this country. >> there is still only a handful of states nationwide where the dream act is law, but supporters say that will change. >> let's look at this nationally let's look at immigration reform. let's open up what was closed. >> there are 13 other states with dream act laws. abc7 news. >> thank you. our coverage for the day after the election continues now with abc7 news at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
are dead after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake were hit. tremors were felt in mexico and el salvador. the earthquake destroyed homes, buildings, and blocking roads. thousands of soldiers are heading to the region to help the local police hand out emergency supplies. >>> an ohio woman caught on video driving on a sidewalk passing a school bus now has to serve an unpunishment. take a look at this cell phone video if a passenger inside the bus. the judge sentenced the woman shena harden to stand on a corner near the intersection where this happened and hold a sign that says "only an idiot would drive around a school bus." the judge also suspended harden's driver's license for 30 days and she has to pay a $250 fee in court costs. we want to know what you think about this punishment. does it fit the crime? you head to our facebook page or you can tweet us. >>> this morning there's more fallout from sandy. the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. the move comes after steven kerr diverted crews to remove a tree that fell on his long island driveway last week. this h
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Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
and el salvador. guatemala's president calls it the largest quake to hit his country in more than 35 years. at least one person is dead and several others trapped when part of a shopping center collapses. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. guana, authorities say the top floor of the five story department store came crashing down in the capital city. amateur video shows a large crowd gathering around a pile of debris. rescuers pulled out several victims. the nation's president cancelled campaigning for the day to visit the site and donated it a disaster zone. chile. dozens of fishermen battled police in the capital city of santiago a limit over fishing. the fishermen claim it could cripple their business. they set up road blocks on threw stones. the cops fired back with water canons. gaza. police say expert hunters helped capture a crocodile that had been on the loose ever since it broke out of a zoo nearly two years ago. villagers say they spotted the thing in a sewage pool a few weeks ago and claim it ate some of their livestock. china, 2012 international industry fa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)